I have been blogging almost two years now and this blog has certainly changed its personality. However, I now seem to be settling into what I most like to do – photography of things – historical things, natural things, things of interest, strange things, funny things, some everyday life events and even some commentary from time to time. A photography blogger who I still follow, told me a couple of years ago that the most important tool a photographer has is his eyes. Composing pictures is 99% of the task. I enjoy everyone’s comments including tips and corrections (especially when I misidentify flowers). I also like the photo challenges and appreciate all those bloggers who put those together and manage them. These all are helping me improve my technique and, hopefully, that translates to something you like to see and read about. I am so glad you stopped by here and hope your visit is a pleasant one.

Dennis (the Trivial Mind) – 5/19/2016

Camera Bag:
My camera bag contains a Sony ILCE-6000. It is the best camera I have ever owned and I am getting more and more familiar with how to use it. My walk-around lens is the Sony 18-200mm telephoto zoom (SEL18200LE); its online-reviews were not all that great, but 90% of the this blog’s images since April 2015 have been captured through this lens. I still have my old Sony Nex F3 but it is rarely used and then generally by my daughter Lain as she learns how to use the camera. I also have the Sony 55-210mm telephoto zoom which I will use sometimes for macro work, and the 18-55mm zoom that came in the box with the Nex F3. Plus there are some filters and extensions, and a couple of spare batteries.

Original ‘About’ page:
The last fifty plus years have been a cornucopia of sights and wonders. I have looked down into the wide expanse of the Grand Canyon and gazed up at the Great Wall as it snakes through the mountains. I watched the first moon landing, the demolition of the Iron Curtain and the first images of the 9/11 attacks on live television. The current president is the eleventh that has served during my lifetime – that is twenty-five percent of the presidents that this country has ever had. I remember the days of rotary phones, car engines with carburetors and when social and media were never mentioned in the same sentence.

Personally, Charlotte and I have six children, all girls, who make day-to-day life lively and, at times, bizarre.

This blog marks a new step beyond the more rigid personal model I have followed in my day-to-day life up to this point. Even though I am just a trivial part of this world, I still have a unique perspective on life. Hopefully you will find that perspective entertaining and maybe even informative. I do have a Christian worldview and that will color my commentary but I am still glad to hear what anyone has to say.

In these days of ‘Midlife Contentment’ I will talk about nearly anything. This is a most exciting time of life. There is no crisis here!

Necessary clarifications:

  • My comments on this blog should in no way be construed as the views of my employer, of my church or pastor, of my wife or kids, of the dogs or cats.
  • Unless otherwise specifically noted, all pictures on this blog are copyright Dennis Wagoner. However, if you want to use a picture, just let me know.

Award Free Blog:
Even though I did accept an award early on, I have since decided to decline award nominations. I do not wish to say awards are bad or unnecessary. On the contrary, they do offer a great way to communicate among the blogging community. I have had a few nominations since that first one, and I was honored and humbled that someone took the time to do that. Unfortunately (at least for me) responding to nominations takes a lot of time. Right now my time is very limited; I would like to devote the time I have budgeted to the blog, to interacting on comments, and to searching out new bloggers and blog sites. That is the best way for me to participate in the blogging community today.


    1. Thanks for checking up. Yes I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical – been real busy at work plus I’m working on a programming project at home – I need a good photo viewer for use on Linux and I’m not too happy with those available, so I’m creating my own. Should be back at blogging shortly.

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