White Christmas?

They weather forecasts for Christmas weekend predicted lots of snow for our area. It did not meet the forecast level but we had some snow during the day. The squirrel found it was too slippery to pillage the bird feeder and left our yard sorely disappointed. But he will be back.

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with lunch at Dad’s house then came back home in the evening for our family time. Dad’s first Christmas to open present this afternoon was an announcement the had attained the level of Great-Grandfather – our niece Megan and Chris would welcome their first child next July. It was a surprise to most of us, including me, though a few others said ‘they had a feeling’ that an announcement was eminent (of course they all said this after-the-fact.) Later at our house Charlotte, the kids and I enjoyed an evening of gifts and laughter. Several decided to model new pajamas while I received four new books to read and a set of coasters that light-up when a cup sits on them! That makes it much easier to notice that I have left a glass in the office.


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