Mid-Term Graduation

[Proud Dad warning!] Jenna made it past her first two years of college in three semesters at Ivy Tech and will now head to IUPUI after Christmas to start working on her degree in Philanthropy. It was interesting that Philanthropy was the commencement speaker’s field – Jenna has a good connection there! And Jenna will begin working as an assistant to the Ivy Tech Honors Program Director – another place that will get her good connections as she jumps into this next phase of her education. We are very proud of Jenna for the work she has put in so far and the path she is on. It is always exciting when we see the kids succeed!

Jenna gave us a scare as the ceremony proceeded. She felt sick and had to leave; a few minutes later an usher asked Charlotte to come out into the hallway with Jenna and I was left there wondering what all was going on! She did make it back in time to get into line and get her diploma. And her new boss slowed her down enough to let me get her on the video in a pose! I lifted these images from the video.

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