Casting a Long Shadow…

I read an article about archiving photos. One point the author made was to keep everything in an archive 1 – even the images that do not immediately make an appeal or do not fit the ‘image category’ for that day. This is a shot of downtown Columbus, Ohio, in the early evening hours. I was in the passenger seat as we journeyed through the city on I-70 eastbound. I have captured several quick images of shiny reflections of the sunlight off the buildings. I thought this one might be a dud until I noticed the shadow of the tower on the building to the east. I probably could not have gotten that shadow lined up so closely if I had tried to do it on purpose. I will keep this one filed away – maybe with some post-processing it will come in handy for a future project…

  1. this does require good ‘tagging’ to dig these out of the pile. I tag much more per image than I did in the past for that reason. 


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