People Who Walk the Same Streets as Us…

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, police made a traffic stop on Oct. 19 and found drug paraphernalia in plain sight on the car’s front seat. When police asked where the occupants had obtained the heroin found in the center console, they said they had bought it from someone named Cody in the maternity ward at the Excela Health Westmoreland hospital in Greensburg. Officers arrested Cody R. Hulse, 25, at the hospital after he admitted to possessing and selling heroin just feet away from his newborn daughter. The Tribune-Review reported that police found 34 stamp bags of heroin, four empty bags and multiple hypodermic needles in Hulse’s possession. “I have an issue myself with drugs … heroin,” Hulse told them. “I really didn’t want to bring it in.” Hulse’s girlfriend, the mother of the newborn, said she did not know he was selling drugs from the room. [Tribune-Review, 10/20/2017]

No doubt he was selling dope for money to buy diapers and baby formula – or maybe not. And the girlfriend probably did not know – she was most likely distracted for the reason she was in the hospital in the first place.

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