1. User interface/user experience (UI/UX) is so important — so much time is spent trying to make systems work; but in most software projects, there are precious few hours devoted to how the user interacts with the systems.

    A lot of times, the system is deemed unreliable or broken because the user can’t actually use it or interact with it intuitively — even when the systems are working perfectly.

    I’m not an UI/UX expert, but it’s never that far from the surface. I usually ask myself “could my dad use this?” We have a UI/UX person on my current project, which is definitely a nice change of pace.

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    1. I think you are exactly right. When I was at Ford I could get read-only access to the company’s entire production database. The company’s desktop UI was fair at best, so getting past that with direct access was a big help.

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