Harvey Made It To Indiana…

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey made it to Indiana yesterday. The southeastern part of the state has had a lot of rain. We did not get any rain at our house but the wind is near to 20 mph. We also got some cold weather pulled down here by the low pressure of this storm system. The high temperature yesterday almost matched the average low temperature for this time of year!
We have heard from a few people at our sister plant; the plant stands about halfway between Houston and LaPorte which is on the coast. The plant did not suffer any significant damage but a few people we know lost homes and several people lost vehicles. Just like most of the displaced people in the area, it is not clear at this time what options our friends will have to recover. This hurricane was certainly a vivid reminder of the staggering forces nature can muster.


  1. I agree with you about how the hurricane reminds us of nature’s power – someone recently quoted TS Elliot’s “water” and it was chilling

    Oh and we have some of harvey here in VA today – makes me sad that the rain I feel took lives – and left the destruction –

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