WPC: Structure – Grasshopper

‘Structure’ is the theme for this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post. Let us look closely at structure of this grasshopper for those things that not so clearly visible to the casual observer:

  • There are the obvious items – the antennae and the compound eyes.
  • The front legs have claws for clutching the leaves that the grasshopper eats.
  • There is a pair of pincers around the mouth for shoving those leaves into the grasshopper’s mouth – very handy since there is not much that the grasshopper does besides eat.
  • It looks like the grasshopper has armor cover – I can say first hand (by accident only) that stepping on a grasshopper will demonstrate that it is armor by appearance only.
  • Last, but not least, the grasshopper has a lot of hair on his jowls and back – not very attractive.

See more at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure!


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