El Niño

This is a post of mine from a couple years ago in the aftermath of El Niño. What an astounding difference between this and the images coming out of the Houston area. My company has a plant on the southeast side of Houston. I have driven on several of those highways over the past few years that are now submerged. Many of my friends at the plant are surely among the thousands in the area displaced by the storm. While our prayers are with them the efforts by so many in rescue and in providing shelter, food and water has displayed how Americans react to times of real adversity. Even so the road to recovery will be a long one. I hope to hear from some of the folks at the plant in the next few days. Like most everyone else, we will do what we can to help.

A Trivial Mind At Work

The El Niño has greatly affected our weather patterns this December. We had a warmer than usual week of Christmas and are today underneath a canopy of rain clouds. The rainfall has wreaked some havoc in the area with flooding and washouts. One very noticeable effect locally is the very high water level in the creek. Our typically peaceful meandering creek where the kids swim in the summertime and the catfish prowl the bottom for food has turned into a torrent of flowing muddy water. We are supposed to finally get some cold weather next week. Thankfully, that did not happen today; if it had combined with this precipitation we would have had enough snow to cover the view out of the windows and then some!

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    1. No injuries or fatalities for anyone at the plant but several people have lost houses and a lot more have lost vehicles. On top of that I would guess the insurance situation for many of those is iffy…


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