High Volume…

The Blue Jays around here are noisy and aggressive. We have always had one that hangs around our end of the street; he generally flies between four or five trees including our crab apple tree. Within the last few weeks four more have joined him. They collectively scared the squirrel away from the bird feeder. They had the squirrel up at the top of the crab apple tree yapping while they screeched loudly at him. The new Jays had lost most of the feathers around their heads much like the Cardinal we saw several weeks ago. I hope this is a natural thing and not a sign of some disease or parasite.

(Click on any image to open the gallery!)


  1. The four who have joined him may possibly be his children who are growing their adult plumage. He should chase them off once he is happy that his job is done and they can fend for themselves.

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