I Only Have Eyes for You

A look back at another lovely face in the crowd…

A Trivial Mind At Work

“He sat looking at it with his eyes protruding in the manner popularized by snails, looking like something stuffed by a taxidermist who had learned his job from a correspondence course and had only got as far as lesson three.”
P.G. Wodehouse

We did not see an eagle, like we did last week, but this week’s walk brought us face-to-face with the charming snail seen here. He spread his slime trail across the asphalt as I took a few pictures. Then Ethan carried him over to the grass – his life expectancy on this trail full of runners and bikers would not be that great. We preferred that he crawl through the swampy underbrush to find a turtle, perhaps, and to challenge the turtle to a race.

(To truly appreciate the beauty of this creature, click on any picture for a close-up view!)

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