The Top Of The World…

Well, maybe we did not get to the top of the world but we did visit the highest point in Indiana. Keep in mind that Indiana is a state that has no mountain ranges. We went to the eastern edge of Indiana between highways US 36 and US 40 to stand on the spot at a breathless height of 1257 feet above sea level. The location, known as ‘Hoosier Hill,’ could easily go unnoticed. It is not so much a hill as it is just the highest roll in a rolling section of farmland. There is a small sign where you pull off the road onto a short gravel drive then walk into the woods for about twenty feet, and there it is.

A small notebook and some pens are in a zip-lock bag inside a mailbox at the site where one can document the visit to this landmark. We were the first visitors on the day we were there. I leafed through the notebook and the site gets about 2 or 3 visits every day. Someone arrived at the site as we left.

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Historic Footnote: The first man to visit all of the ‘highest points’ in the then 48 states of the United States finished his trek here in Indiana in 1936. His name was A. H. Marshall and one can only imagine his awe as he stood atop Hoosier Hill for the completion of his task!

Trivial Footnote: The ‘highest point in Indiana’ title is in now in dispute. A landfill in nearby Randolph County has challenged the height and has requested a survey to verify its own claim as the highest point in the state – only in Indiana!


  1. 1257′ how cute. 🙂
    It’s funny to me that a landfill is what’s challenging the height record; and there’s going to have to be some qualifier, as in “Indiana’s highest natural point”, for places like this.

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