Beard Facts

  1. President Lincoln was the first President to sport a beard. In the 19th century, he popularized beards for all Americans. He grew his beard after an 11 year old girl had written him a letter saying he’d look better if he had one.
  2. The CIA once plotted to put thallium salts into Fidel Castro’s shoes — to make his beard fall out and ruin his public image.
  3. In 17th century Russia, to have a beard cost men a tax. Peter the Great would charge men 100 rubles per year for a medallion inscribed with what translated to “beards are a useless burden”.
  4. From the years 2008-2013, beard transplant operations had risen by 600% due to beards becoming increasingly popular.
  5. A fear of beards would be scientifically referred to as pogonophobia.
  6. An average man spends over 3,350 hours shaving in his lifetime.
  7. 98% of the Forbes 100 list of world’s richest men are clean-shaven.
  8. Beards can filter out dust and pollen if you have allergies.
  9. Beards grow faster in the daytime than in the nighttime.
  10. Beards make you 63% more likely to win staring contests.

— Beard facts from Noble Groomings ‘40 OF THE MOST INTERESTING BEARD FACTS‘ post of April 29, 2016.
— Bearded iris located in our south flower bed.

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