WPC: Danger – Signs

It is probably a good idea to stop at the ‘Stop Sign’ entering a narrow slit in the ground. However, my guess is there are a significant number of would-be spelunkers who would ignore this sign. So if you are hunting for skeletal remains this may be a good place to go. Bring your flashlight and a long rope attached to one of your legs so we can pull you back out later on.

You cannot ice skate on ponds and creeks in Indiana at any time. We just do not sustain cold weather long enough to make it safe. Even the super-cold Winters we had a couple of years ago were not enough to make the ice sufficiently thick to handle the weight of a person. Likewise, one should not stand on the dam of a small pond whether there is ice or not. Again, as in the spelunkers, there are those who will ignore the warnings. We see newscast videos of those people from time to time. They always look very cold and/or very wet.

Bridges also seem to draw a lot of daredevils. This bridge is about thirty feet above the water. At some places below this bridge at the time of year of this photo the water depth is about twelve to twenty inches. That is not a good dimensional combination for a swan dive.

When a truck driver ignores the warning signs and tries to take a tractor/trailer over a one-hundred year old bridge – well, these are the results.

This last image is technically not a danger sign. However, it is a fitting footnote to this post. We are used to the usual ‘Keep Off the Grass’ sign reflecting a legalistic approach to lawn care. The sign in this image is a translation we saw in China. There we do not go the legalistic route but approach this on a more philosophical and moral plane. Stepping on the grass here evokes feelings of guilt once you read this sign.

See more ‘danger’ signs at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!


  1. Great post! I’m very sad about the historic bridge — and your final sign is a hoot! I’ll never look at green grass in quite the same way again. 😀

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