WPC: Repurpose – Old Bridges

We have three parks nearby that sport bridges that are past their useful life for vehicular traffic. The bridges are between one hundred and one hundred thirty years old. The Parks and Recreation Board repurposed these bridges for pedestrian traffic at the parks. (Click on any image to open up a gallery for a closer look or click on a link to read more about the bridges history!)

The old U.S. 36 Bridge crosses White Lick Creek at Washington Township Park in Avon, Indiana. It remains in its original position; the current U.S. 36 runs just north of this spot. This bridge was in service until 1972. I probably rode my bicycle over this bridge as a kid.

The bridge across Big Walnut Creek at the McCloud Nature Park near North Salem, Indiana, originally stood in Pulaski County. The Parks and Recreation Board bought the bridge and moved it here rather than have it go to salvage.

The bridge at Friendship Gardens in Plainfield, Indiana, also spans the White Lick Creek. It had been in service a couple of miles south of the park, and I had driven across the bridge in its original site at least once.

See more ‘repurposing’ at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose!


  1. Great photos! These old bridges work really well with the landscape and it’s nice to encounter little pieces of history like this when out on a walk. It’s always a pleasant surprise.

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