Watching Out My Hotel Window

I was on the south-side of the hotel on this trip to Houston. I was actually in Webster, Texas, just off I-45. A hurricane-size retention pond lay to the south-west of the hotel. It drew a lot of wildlife, especially in the early morning and at around sunset.


I saw several deer every morning and usually in the evening too. They wandered around the huge, and presently empty, pond digging around in the dirt and the grass.


Many birds flew to a drainage ditch just on the other side of the dyke. These two birds look like American White Ibis. It was a long shot to catch them. Egrets and gulls flew around here too usually in the morning.


This pond is huge. I have been at this hotel several times and have never seen anything more than puddles of water. I probably would not want to be here in the aftermath of any storm that might fill it up. One can estimate the height of the dyke scaling it with the deer climbing over it in the image at the top.



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