Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation – Iconic

This is one capture I always wanted: a long shot of the Mackinac Bridge with a ship passing underneath. I have seen this bridge in person a dozen times and admired the engineering and beauty of this structure. In June 2015 the family vacationed in St. Ignace at the north end of the bridge and went down to the bridge-view park on our first evening there at around 6 pm. We all eagerly anticipated what we would see! An ore freighter just happened by on its way north to Lake Superior and a fresh load of iron ore. This was a good catch because we were there very early in the season for this type of freighter. As an added bonus, the freighter happened to be one of the longest running the Great Lakes so I not only got the shot of an iconic bridge but I had an iconic freighter to go with it. Just for context, this bridge is six miles long, the freighter is 1000 feet long and the ship’s tower section is five stories high.


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  1. Cool capture Dennis! I too caught the bridge, but with a small sailboat. I was on the ferry so I shot it thru the window and the splashes of water made for a really interesting capture. It’s quite something isn’t it?!

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