Frustrated Friday

I have always considered ‘political correctness’ to be an idiotic replacement for ‘problem solving’ which made reading this person’s experience below much more enjoyable:


“An elementary school student asked me the NOT “politically correct” question, “Is an idiot smarter than a moron?” I had to Google it because I was afraid to respond in today’s PC society and didn’t want to offend him, his parents, or anyone else. Here’s what I found.

Technically, a moron is smarter than an idiot. An imbecile is also smarter than an idiot.

Although today the words are considered insulting and derogatory, prior to the 1960s they were widely used as actual psychology terms associated with intelligence on an IQ test.

An IQ between:
00-25 = Idiot
26-50 = Imbecile
51-70 = Moron

Explaining all of this to a nine year old with an IQ of 130 made me feel like society has turned all adults into one of the above, myself included.

When I told him that I’m afraid to openly say it, the nine year old said, “Adults are idiots!”
― Ray Palla


  1. Ha! Thanks for the chuckle. Frustrating Friday, indeed. Sometimes it’s better to just seek the company of the actual imbeciles, because all the intelligent people just keep thinking us into a great deal of trouble.

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  2. I learned this in psychology class, pretty funny huh?
    I’ve learned recently that ‘PC’ or politically correct (it is ever? 😉) is an old term now. They new term is “All inclusive language”.
    Just when you learn something, ‘they’ change it!

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  3. I have actually seen a nineteenth century school report which said, more or less, “Amanda has made great progress this year and has been promoted to imbecile.” Every cloud has a silver lining.

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