The Hunt for a Tree

We have started our search for a new flowering tree to set in the back yard. We had a crown willow at the southwest end of the yard that grew to about 5,000 feet tall and sprouted around 1,000 new branches every night – these numbers are only approximations but they give you an idea of the how that willow took over our yard. That tree is gone and our cherry tree on the north end of the yard might not make it through another winter. The time to plant a new tree or two has come.

(Click on any image to open the gallery and get a closer look at some possibilities!)

We will have difficulty on making a final decision.


  1. Good luck on finding the right tree or trees! Laughing at the thousand branches a night – ha good humor and point made!
    If I bet that giant beauty was gorgeous –
    And we need to remove one out front due to trunk rot – for some reason about 20 houses in our back neighborhood had the same trunk and bark issue – and in our area the likely Choice is another crepe myrtle – but I will miss the early spring blooms of the one now – it is one of the first to blossom – in the cherry family – it after those early flowers it is quite boring – oh and love the photos of your flower tree buds!

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  2. I could go on and on here, but a few of my favs are (more than just for their blooming)
    Cornus kousa
    Cornus mas
    Seven sons flower
    Japanese stewardia
    And tulip trees

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  3. Lots of people in our street have cherry trees and I always feel that they are quite poor value. They blossom for a fairly short time, and usually this is when it is still quite cold so you’re not always outside very much to see it. Our best flowering bush (rather than tree) is a buddleia, which has a good number of blossoms more or less throughout the summer. A bonus is that it attracts butterflies which you can then take photos of!

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    1. Hey JFK – I read your comment to Dennis and had to chime in because I juts replied that our cherry tree – that needs replacing – well it is quite boring after the early blooms drop! And then I read your comment and so thx – I will check into a budellia

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