Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – Broken Bridge

This week’s ‘Which Way’ entry represents a disappointing sight. This gallery shows the 1880 steel trestle bridge in Paoli, Indiana, that South Gospel Street traffic had used to cross Lick Creek just south of the Orange County Courthouse. That was the case until December 25, 2015, when the driver of a 35-ton semi-trailer tried to cross the bridge despite the ample signs that prohibited truck traffic and limited vehicle weight to six tons. The bridge never had a chance; the adjacent pedestrian bridge survived undamaged. As far as the ‘Which Way’ challenge goes, the answer for this one is ‘some other way.’

(Click on any image to open the gallery and more closely assess the damage!)

Seek out more ‘which way’ opportunities at Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge!


      1. Given the history of this bridge, will it be restored, or replaced, or will another bridge be built nearby to handle today’s increasingly heavy traffic loads?

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