Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest – Eagle

Around the Spring of 2014 I renewed my interest in photography. Prior to that, ten years had lapsed since I had seriously used a camera to create artwork. I began carrying my camera with me on walks and drives regardless of the destination. I did not want an opportunity shot to pass me by. However, the technology had changed dramatically from film to digital so I had a significant learning curve ahead of me.

Back in April 2015 as Cara, Ethan and I walked on the Valdosta Trail west of Plainfield, Cara said, “Look up there – it’s an eagle.” And there it was just about twenty feet from us on a limb of a tree. And it was not just an eagle, but an American Bald Eagle. Of course, I did not have the camera set properly and did not even have a good lens on anyway, but I got three shots before the eagle flew away. Even as they are, they were my first shots of a distinctive subject. With those images, I determined to better learn the art of digital photography and have followed that quest ever since!

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