New Phone

I bought a new phone today. It is a flip-phone. It cost me $10 for the phone and $8 per month for service (which includes international calling). With the minutes I buy there is not enough for internet surfing or movie streaming. However, it will keep me in touch.

The kids hate it when I flip out my flip-phone. Just knowing that makes it worth the investment!


  1. My mom doesn’t have a cell phone. (gasp!) πŸ™‚ and my first phone was a Nokia brick and my second phone was Razor flip phone and I thought I was the stuff with both!

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  2. That cracks me up.. kids rolling their eyes at Dad and his flip phone! 😜
    You can’t shake a stick at the durability of them for folks working in the trades. The flip part protects the screen, thus less replacements because of broken screens.

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