Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun – In the Snow

Several years ago many of the parks in our area began closing the hills that had served the snow sledding enthusiasts. I suppose that was due to liability concerns. However, there are still a few left. This picture came in the aftermath of our 2010 adventure at the park near our home. We sped down this hill alone and in groups. We fell off and rolled down the hill. We got snow in our shoes and in our hoods and caps. Then we all trudged back up the hill and tried it again! The end-of-the-day result was a few sore muscles but no broken bones and smiles on every face! All our girls plus a friend (on the left) and Ethan in the image that I captured were there. And, yes, I did participate in the festivities so there are not too many images from this day!

Sidenote: I put this post together on a day that was in the mid-eighties with about a gazillion percent humidity. I would welcome a little snow right now!



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