And the Weather for Tomorrow Is …

“Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation.”
― Kim Hubbard

While I was at Sodalis Nature Park last week, I stopped for my obligatory ‘reflection’ captures over the pond. Of course, the weather forecast for the day was partly cloudy and no chance of rain. The reality included nothing but clouds and several showers as the day progressed. We also had algae scum on the pond, and a lot of it. There were some adventurous folks on the other side of the pond fishing. I could only imagine the mutant fish-monsters that they pulled out of this scummy mess. However, not a single giant tentacle popped out of the water to drag some unwary bystander under. Those type of things just never happen when I have a camera in hand!


  1. It’s actually a good thing for you those tentacles stay in the water when you have your camera with you… recall every type of scene: the photographer’s kit is usually found, but the photographer himself has usually become a Monster-Snack (TM).

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  2. This is what our weather has been like all through the summer more or less. Heavy clouds, lots of rain and showers, occasionally torrential, with temperatures in the 60s. We shouldn’t just leave the EC. We need to move the whole country to the south.

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