Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up – Potpourri

Three different ‘look up’ opportunities that I have come across recently.

First ‘look up’ is the ceiling of the Pershing Auditorium at the Indiana War Memorial.

‘Look up’ number two is an airplane heading into Indianapolis Airport. The airline is my favorite – Southwest!

The last ‘look up’ is the top row of pipes for the pipe organ at the Methodist Church where Jenna had her piano recitals. The pipes are buffed-nickel in color in the natural light. There was a purple flood light shining on them from the ceiling; this image gives a very close reproduction of how they looked with that lighting!

‘Look up’ some more at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up!


    1. We were on an abandoned section of road near the airport when I got that shot. The road used to go to the neighborhood where Charlotte grew up. The airport bought out her parents house back in the mid-90s and about 3 times the home’s value. The interchange to I-70 obliterated most of the old road but one small stretch remains which has wild flowers, deer, fox and a few snakes.

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