Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

I went back to the air for these pictures from my last business trip. My plane into (and out of) LaGuardia Airport passed around Manhattan and gave me too many views in too little time. I snapped shots as we went along with the available view. I managed to get some interesting looks. Here are a few:

First of we look up the Harlem River going up on the left of the image and East River going to the right in the image. The first bridge in the foreground is the Robert F Kennedy Bridge with the Hell Gate Bridge just behind it. Going up the Harlem River in order we see the other end of the Robert F Kennedy Bridge which obscures the Willis Avenue Bridge, the 3rd Avenue Bridge, the railroad bridge which obscures the Madison Avenue Bridge, the 145th Street Bridge and the Macomb’s Dam Bridge.

This second image shows the George Washington Bridge crossing the Hudson River. There is quite a contrast between the tall buildings on this side of the river and the trees on the other side.

Finally, we see the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and the Washington (no George on this one) Bridge crossing over the Harlem River north of the first image. The roadway off the Hamilton Bridge crosses over Manhattan Island and runs into the George Washington Bridge. As you can see, these two bridges are very busy as it is rush hour in New York City.

I relied on Google Maps to identify each bridge. I recognize some of the larger bridges but I had to look up all the little bridges! If I misidentified a bridge (or more) please let me know!

And you can check out the other ‘bridges’ at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges!


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