Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers – Meter

The electric meter hangs on the side of the house. A metal disc twirls around and the pointers on the number dials slowly move to the next number. Once a month a smartly attired meter reader comes by and records the position of the dials. Shortly after that, a colorful piece of paper comes to our house and tells us how much money we get to send back to the electric company. These are not my favorite numbers especially when the metal disc twirls faster and faster.


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  1. That is really original! Over here, the process is backwards. We get an estimated reading and have to pay that. At some point, a man arrives to read the meter and we then get a refund. What a scam! Until we objected, we were paying over £100 a quarter, and then getting a £75 refund. That must be a lot of interest they gain from money that isn’t even theirs!

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