Sylvain Landry’s Challenge: Week 46 – Wind

Four instances from the archives for the theme: wind. Coincidentally, all four images are from trips we have made near large bodies of water!

On a visit several years ago to Pensacola, Florida, we visited the beach on the Gulf of Mexico when a major storm system passed just to the south. The beach-goers did not seem to mind the wind blowing significant quantities of sand!


During that same trip, we passed through Charleston, South Carolina, and toured the U.S.S. Yorktown aircraft carrier. In our obligatory 6-daughter group photo, the wind blew everyone’s hair into disarray!


Last year at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, we noticed the flags whipped to attention by the strong west wind coming off Whitefish Bay.


Our attempt to get some Senior Pictures while on the ferry to Mackinac Island did not turn out as such a great idea. Jenna held her hat but the wind still tried blowing it off her head!


See more effects of the ‘wind’ at Sylvain Landry’s Photo Challenge: Week 46 – Wind!


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