Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Music

In Indiana, marching band competition spans September and October culminating with a state championship in four classes based on enrollment.

We made it to almost all of Plainfield High School’s competitions throughout the state over the years. However, Plainfield High School had never advanced to a state marching band final in over twenty years; but in Cara’s freshman year, they got in! By and by we made it to seven state finals. Although we never came out #1, it was still a thrill to see our school along with the other top school bands from around the state in competition. We marveled at how these kids could march and play these tightly choreographed programs for ten minutes at a time.

After each band performed but before the announcement of the final scorings, each band returned and lined up side-by-side on the playing field. A guest musical group would perform the National Anthem, and then the scores from bottom to top came next. Finally, twelve thousand or so spectators would get to stand and cheer in recognition of all the performers and staff out on the field. That was always a special moment because another marching season had come to an end. We do not have any more band members now. Charlotte and I both miss going to see the kids and watching the shows. It will always be a pleasant memory!


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  1. Yes, it’s very impressive what kids can achieve. And the secret is to praise their fifth place or sixth place because not everybody can win, and next time the lower ranked people may go up on that podium. Such outside activities are a great way of building confidence outside the classroom.

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