Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration – Family Past

We adopted five of our daughters from the People’s Republic of China. Five times between June 2000 and January 2007 we were in China for almost two weeks each visit to adopt, to get acquainted and attached to our new daughter, to do paperwork both for China and the U.S. Another common denominator of those visits was the folks we met who cared for these children before we arrived. The nannies, the teachers, the foster families, the doctors, the orphanage directors and staff – we met them briefly and watched as they all said their good-byes to these girls whose lives they had so profoundly affected. There was both happiness and sadness for all of us when the girls transitioned to our family during those weeks. We left all of those kind people behind but have never forgotten them – we admire them all.

Get more glimpses of ‘admiration’ at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration!


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