We Survived the Frost!

It looks like the Flowering Crab Apple tree has survived last weekend’s series of frost-covered mornings. Several dozen pods have opened up in the last twenty-four hours. I think this year we will try to use the tree as a backdrop for some Senior pictures!

(Click on any image to open the gallery and zoom-in on the details!)


  1. Beutiful! Other than a few crocuses and daffodil spikes, spring has been stunted by cold weather too. The good news is that this week it has warmed up and it is absolutely beautiful outside and the weekend is supposed to be even better. Hopefully the trees can begin to bud and blossom now.

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  2. This week I finally started to see some signs that spring is making a comeback here in Colorado Springs… just in time for a weekend snow storm of course!

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  3. Beautiful images as always! Over here, crab apple trees are the wild ones found in woods. Perhaps your tree has one or two of the genes from its more resilient ancestor. No frost here for a long time, but today is a grey, damp affair so far.

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    1. Our neighbor has two crab apple trees with a burgundy blossom. It is starting to open out now too. Charlotte’s mother gave us the start to our tree when we moved to this house. She may have found it in the woods somewhere – she did things like that!


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