Just Look At Me Right In The Eyes…

I have seen several of these tiny jumping spiders around the house in the last day or so. I decided to follow this one around with the camera. As you can see in the last two captures, I greatly annoyed him and he took on his ‘I’m Big and Nasty’ look trying to scare me away. It did not work. After all, minus a few milligrams, I probably outweigh this guy by my entire body weight!

(Click any picture to open the gallery and zoom-in, if you dare!)


  1. It’s a pretty good example of exactly how strong the survival instinct is: he may not have known you outweigh him by several million times his own body weight, but he was willing to go toe to toe (toes to toes?) with you.

    And you never know, in limbs he outnumbers you two to one!

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  2. Cool spider shots! The first one whers he or she is sitting on the piece of glass is particularly nice. I haven’t had a chance to try my new macro lens on any spiders yet, much less a handsome specimen like this one. I will admit I prefer my spiders outdoors, though.

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