McKim Observatory

While driving through Greencastle, Indiana, a few days ago, something caught Charlotte’s eye and she told me I should go back and check it out. And that we did! We came upon this small observatory: the McKim Observatory – built in 1884. I captured a few images and we continued on into town.

Later, I researched this and found that DePauw University owns and operates the observatory. However, it was privately owned initially by its namesake: Robert McKim. McKim (born 1816 County Tyrone, Ireland / died 1887 Madison, Indiana) was a successful business man and investor. Late in his life, he apparently decided that an observatory would be a nice thing to have. So he bought a top-notch telescope and financed the construction of this observatory on property adjoining his home in Greencastle.

How neat would that be to have your own observatory for photographing planets and galaxies? Based on McKim’s success, all you need to do is work when you are young and save your money! Let us know when you get it built so we can all come over for a ‘capture the universe’ party!


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