Sylvain Landry’s Challenge – Week 29: Snow

For this week’s challenge I offer up snowflakes! Sunday morning as everyone else prepared for church, I captured a few images of the snowflakes landing on a deck fence-rail. It was cold enough out that the flakes retained their shapes. The snowflakes congregated on icy patches remaining on the wood from the previous day’s rain (yes, our temperatures dropped from around 48°F/9°C to 8°F/-13°C in less than 36 hours)! The sun came out later in the afternoon melting most of the snow. The wind finally pulverized the remaining snowflakes into random and indistinct crystals.

(Click on any image to open the gallery for an even closer look!)

See more ‘snow’ at Sylvain Landry’s Photo Challenge – Week 29: Snow!


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