Weekly Photo Challenge: Now – Christmas Day

Interesting timing for this challenge topic. Our ‘Now’ for the past week (and weeks) has been directed toward Christmas Day.

After having our family Christmas at home on Christmas morning, we had two family dinners to attend. The first was at my Dad’s house and the second was at Charlotte’s niece’s home. As always is the case, we had too much food to eat and too little time to visit.

This year did have a bit of an unexpected twist. Charlotte’s nephew from North Carolina, his wife (who is great-with-child #2) and their 1-year old daughter showed up unexpectedly at our house on Christmas Eve evening. We had not seen them in person since January, but we had spoken with them just a few days before and had no idea that they planned to drive up from North Carolina. However, things worked out for them to visit so they conspired with my oldest daughter to keep us in the dark until they came knocking on our door at 6pm on Christmas Eve! They too attended the dinner at Charlotte’s niece’s home on Christmas Day. Their visit was special for all of us because they will be back to Indiana again in March, but this time it is to catch a flight to their new home in Germany. Although we will certainly miss them being even farther away than they are now, I am sure I will be able to weasel together a trip for us to Germany in the next year or two to visit them!


More interpretations of the ‘Now’ challenge at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Now!

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