Christmas at the Park

Our local park has a ‘Christmas at the Park’ celebration every year focused mainly on the smaller kids. There are picture sessions with Santa and other cartoon characters, a live nativity scene, a small train ride, face painting, pony rides and other assorted activities. My interest has usually been with a small animal exhibit they have each year. The folks who manage the exhibit bring some animals from a rescue operation of theirs. These are animals abandoned in nature or by people, abused animals or outcast in other ways.

These folks rescued the camels from an abusive environment. One had some damage done to his hind leg so that it is about half the diameter of the healthy one.

Their house-pet is a cinnamon racoon they found abandoned in the woods presumably as the runt of a litter. They have had this unusual racoon for several years.

They also brought a porcupine. I cannot remember his story. We only got to look at him through the cage. The kids tend to pull on the quills when he is out which gets him understandably upset!

Another couple brought a horse and carriage offering rides around the park.

Even though our kids are older, we still enjoy a visit to this small celebration every year.


  1. I, too, have fallen in love with the cinnamon raccoon. What gorgeous little creatures. In the middle-east with all their problems, camels are revered and usually treated well. We occasionally ate camel but it had usually died of old age – a tad chewy…

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  2. It is so good to read stories like these about people who really do care about the animals. That raccoon is fascinating!! I’ve never seen one like that. Carrie might be on to something … Pure Magic! Thank you so much for posting something that lifted my spirits!!! ❤

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