Eagle Sighting 2

For the second time this year, we came across an American Bald Eagle in our area. This could be the same eagle we saw back in April. I got a few shots of him as he sat on a branch about one hundred yards away on a hazy day and through a lot of bare tree limbs. We struggled through the muck between him and us attempting to get a better view, but he finally flew away quite majestically.

These are the two best captures from today’s adventure. Click on either picture to open up for a closer look!




          1. I believe they came here of their own accord. Here they live on a lake but we have no hills for many hundreds of miles. As long as they are not predated they seem to be happy most places. Baja was a miraculously haven of bird life – I could really live there.

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  1. This is really interesting. Last weekend (first weekend in December) I was riding in a car on I-65 between Indianoplis and Louisville. Was amusing myself by counting Redtail Hawks in the trees along the side of the highway (7 in Indiana), and I saw, I swear I saw, a Bald Eagle. It was just resting in one of the trees like any other raptor, bigger than any hawk, dark body and light head. It was definitely not a buzzard (Turkey Vulture); I know those birds quite well and that just isn’t a habit they have or how they look when perched.

    Have Bald Eagles gotten so common in the Southern part of the state that you can just spot them at random outside of parks and reserves? If so, awesome.

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    1. In fact, we were following a hawk through the trees when I spotted the eagle. I still don’t have a picture of a hawk!
      Indiana has been working on restoring nests in the southern part of the state for a dozen or more years. The last census I saw said 150-175 bald eagles nesting within the state. Fifty years ago the population was zero!


  2. Great capture! Through the branches is a difficult shot.
    I live and work near a ‘chain of lakes’ which many birds of prey use as a migration highway. We do have a few bald Eagles that have called the area home. I have no chance of capturing them with my camerone, but I do get to see them flying around occasionally.

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  3. It looks like the reintroduction scheme is really paying off. Over here, it is quite obvious that if birds of prey are left alone, they will thrive. Their only problem is the meathead who has acquired a gun from somewhere.

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    1. The eagle population in the state is near 200. I can remember when it was zero. The bigger problem here has been the wind turbines – the blades seem to get the birds before they realize what is happening. Fortunately, most of them in Indiana are to the north away from the eagle’s nesting areas.


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