I came across this plastic bottle of red glitter in our garage. It has an easy-open dispensing cap for one’s convenience. The container holds 16 ounces (453 grams) of glitter; that is one pound of red glitter that I have in an easy-open dispensing container. I ponder all the uses that I have for red glitter and how long it will take me to fully empty this bottle. I think it is safe to conclude that I have a lifetime supply.


The instructions direct the user to ‘sprinkle the glitter over glue and let dry.’ I do not see any guidance on where to put the glue. My kids’ imaginations work overtime and, well, I think you can see where this is going…


The label affirms that this product conforms the ASTM D4236 standard. This standard requires labeling that addresses any and all chronic health hazards associated with the product. Other than the affirmation I see nothing else that says anything about health hazards. Maybe this is kind of like ‘no news is good news.’


The label also reminds the user to retain the packaging for future reference. I suppose that covers the possibility that the user might forget how to correctly apply the product (i.e. sprinkle on glue and allow to dry.) The only other thing I see missing from the label is the warning that this product is not a substitute for ground red pepper. I have, of course, seen warning labels that have had sillier warnings.

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