Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Using 2/3 of Your Photo Frame

My entries for this week’s challenge along with some commentary. You can enlarge a picture for a closer view by clicking anywhere on the picture.

On this first capture, the white flower petals act as the backdrop for the beetle. The flower covers the lower left part of the frame with some fuzzy greenery in the upper and right sides.

This capture is similar to the first in that the leaves, in the lower left two-thirds of the frame, offer a backdrop for the butterfly. This backdrop is not solid like the first one, but it covers about the same amount of space.

The angle of the fruit tree flowers and branches makes me lean toward the left (I seem stuck on the left hand side). The background has only splotches of color.

For this fourth capture, I use the top-weighted view of cherry blossoms dangling after a hard rain shower. The flow of the petals and the water dripping from the petals points down to the out-of-view object below it – perhaps the ground or my head as I walk beneath the tree!

Here I (finally) move to the right side. The focus is on the cardinal on the bare branch with a slightly fuzzy, leafy branch shooting in from the left. The background is unrecognizable for this shot.

Lastly, this shows a bottom-weighted view where I look from a ridge down on a harbor scene. The hanging branches and leaves effectively obscure the background in the upper third of the frame.

As I have tried to develop a more artistic look to my photography, I have made more use of the ‘2/3 of the photo frame’ concept. When I look at my earlier pictures, the views usually cover almost the entire frame and, sometimes, look very cluttered. Even on the more complex captures, such as the cherry blossom shot or the harbor scene, making some of the frame more neutral results in a cleaner look.

See more of the ‘2/3 of your frame’ challenge at Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #10 – Using 2/3 of Your Photo Frame!


    1. We had several Cardinals hanging around our crab apple tree all Summer. They made quite a racket. All the butterflies were out in abundance this Summer – it was a great season for the photographers.


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