Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy Menagerie

A few random snippets describing a few shots presented to you for this week’s challenge.

(You can ‘eye’ these more closely by clicking any picture to open the gallery!)

The ‘eyes’ all have it at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy!


  1. A lovely photograph of an adult Ring-billed Gull. What custard yellow legs! And you have captured wonderfully well a detail that is often missing…he has a bright red inside to his eye. I suppose this gull is just ordinary where you live, but if there was one in our local ,park, it would attract scores of people to see it, and there would probably be a mention on local TV!

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    1. In fact, when I shot this picture, I was eating biscuits and gravy at the hotel’s breakfast buffet at St. Ignace, Michigan – on the shores of Lake Huron. I did not yield – after all, it WAS biscuits and gravy.

      Two weeks ago, I would have said ‘no seagulls around my house.’ However, we saw six last week on a pond near here. I am sure they were not ring-billed gulls, but I couldn’t make out the type exactly.


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