Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Week #9 Rule of Thirds

The simplest rule-if-thirds example I have is this capture of two wild flowers. There is not much visual contrast between the leaves and the flowers, so I had to rely on positioning the flowers to make them stand out. I could have made this picture better by getting down on the ground and ‘elevating’ the flowers above the leaves. However, we were on a narrow path that had walkers and bicyclists, and I was too lazy to bother with getting up and down, so this was it….


The second example is a more subtle version of the first. Here the freighter on the lake sits at a vertex of the rule-of-thirds grid. A wooden walkway shoots out from behind the two sycamore trees at another vertex though it is much less of a focal point than the freighter. Both the freighter and the walkway disappear into the scenery with no sense of where either is heading. I need to go to the other side of these trees!


Example three shows a small lighthouse complex. The lighthouse lookout and the lighthouse base each lie on rule-of-thirds vertices on the same vertical line, and the lighthouse out-buildings lie on another vertex on the same horizontal line as the base. This placement draws my eyes up and down the lighthouse and along the rocky sand to the other buildings – back-and-forth and up-and-down!


The fourth example is the result of cropping an original that did not look right. I removed some of the bottom and right side to get the two towers closer to the two upper vertices of the rule of thirds grid. They are the highlights of this building, one tower with the castle trim and the other with the clock and the tree growing out of the roof! My eyes roll around in a U-track following the building’s structure similarly to the lighthouse picture above.


The last example is my favorite rule-of-thirds capture. The immediate focal point is the double-chair in the lower left. Its position and the bright light of the sunset makes it the highlight initially. But as I look at it, I consider myself sitting there and looking out over the water. In reality, this picture and the angle from which I took it creates a bit of an optical illusion. With the shadows pointing the way, sitting in those seats offers a very good view of the water and the islands beyond. I want to be in the seat at sunrise and see the sun come up over the water!


See more of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ commentary at Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #9 Rule of Thirds Introduction!


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