A Day at Turkey Run

This was one of those days when one tiny mistake became a bit of a disaster – it occurred on our visit to Turkey Run State Park in October.

Just a few days ago I posted some pictures of Turkey Run State Park that Lain had taken with my Nex F3 camera. They were all taken around the suspension bridge spanning the creek that bisects the park. On the other side of that bridge I led the family on a trek into the wilderness. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong trail to follow. I had not been to the park in around fifteen years. There was a trail that would have taken us through a couple of large ravines that I remembered from a previous visit, but the trail I had chosen was not that trail! The trail I had chosen was more challenging and quite rugged. Here are a few scenes!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery and see the scenery details!)

If it was any consolation though, we did get to see some amazing sights in one of the most scenic state parks in Indiana. I will make my way back to the park and find the trail that I had wanted one of these days. I just do not know who I will be able to convince to come with me on that next visit!


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