The Day After Thanksgiving 2015

As we have done for over twenty years, we hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at our house yesterday. We had an especially good time as the food was all good and everyone was in a very good mood. Almost every conversation resulted in laughter as we took turns telling stories. As is usual, the crowd was mostly extended family members. We did, however, have some friends from church attend this year too. Their 1 1/2-year-old son took a special liking to me particularly when he got to drink my root beer. Obviously he will grow to become a man of refinement. We also had a treat when we connected with our nephew in North Carolina on Skype. He, his wife and 11-month old daughter all said hello to everyone and joined in the fun conversations. Our oldest daughter brought a home-made sugar cream pie (a treat that is hardly known about anywhere outside the U.S.’s Midwest). It was a wonderful day for all.

This holiday in the U.S. is the legislated day for being thankful, but I am thankful throughout the year for the relationships we have built with so many. All of us have decided, whether consciously or unconsciously, that we will not take ourselves so seriously and, instead, enjoy the lives that we have. We all took turns laughing about ourselves in some way today. We were all sad when the day ended but we all know that we can do it again, and sooner than a year from now!


  1. It just goes to prove that you don’t need a red carpet and a Hollywood to have a good time. Good friends and family are enough. Don’t hesitate to turn your recipe for sugar cream pie into a blogpost, by the way, complete with photographs!!

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