Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat – Cheesecake

Cheesecake: the simple yet elegant dessert that no holiday should go without. Cheesecake is my special treat. Unfortunately, I tend to pick up between 3 and 5 pounds just thinking about having a slice of this nectar of the dessert bar. However, I always indulge myself and make one for Thanksgiving dinner from scratch because, as everyone knows, home-made is always better than store-bought. Plus, with a decent crowd for dinner, most of the cheesecake is gone before I can over-indulge in its delights. I guess that is a sort of win-win scenario.


Two advantages of preparing a cheesecake from scratch is that the recipe is simple and the ingredients’ list is small:

The smart host will cut the cheesecake into small portions (much like those that you pay $8.99 for at the local restaurant); in our case, the portion size ensures that the food samplers do not waste too much of the valuable cheesecake! Last year, we served our cheesecake with strawberries on the side:


We have observed that the cheesecake plate is always empty before any other dessert plate:


We are but weeks away from our next Thanksgiving celebration. I can hardly wait for that next slice of homemade delight!

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