Taking Time


Charlotte and I were at the park recently riding our bicycles when I saw a scene that bothered me. We passed a young woman, presumably a mother, pushing a baby carriage with three small children walking in single file behind her. The day was sunny and in the mid-70s with a slight wind. As we ride our bikes, I always notice the flowers and bugs, the creek and the trees lining it, as well as the squirrels and chipmunks bounding about. But this woman was leading her children around the trail at the park in a tight queue while she busily talked on a cellphone.

I do not know anything about this woman or the kids who were with her. But I thought to myself that this was a terrible waste of precious time. These kids would have enjoyed looking at the flowers and the bugs, or maybe listening to the creek water pass over the rocks and dead wood. Or they might have laughed watching the squirrels and chipmunks playing chicken with the walkers and riders on the track. They all could have talked about the sounds and colors around them. They could have asked questions and offered opinions about nature and its wonders.

Instead, the kids walked in single file forlornly behind an adult who, busy talking away into that plastic box, did not take the time and opportunity that lay spread all around her. I felt sorry for the kids. And I felt sorry for the woman. They all missed out on a time that they would each probably never have forgotten.



  1. Very sad but a true reflection of modern society as we connect more on the wired and less in real life…I also think the kids would have loved to take a moment for the living world around them…love the pictures by the way

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  2. Unfortunately, this behavior seems to be the norm. I’ve also witnessed small children sitting in restaurants with electronic devices to keep them occupied while both adults are talking/texting. I was within ear shot and could tell these were not emergency calls. So sad. (Beautiful photos)

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  3. …yet, she will tell someone that she took the kids to the park today…it’s sad how many of us miss opportunities like this because we are ‘too busy’…great photos and observation…

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  4. It is very sad, but I’m afraid that this type of behaviour makes its way inexorably down the generations. Those children run the risk of being just as inert as adults as their own mother was when they were children. The only chance is inspiration from a teacher or some other adult in their lives. Let’s hope it happens for them one day!

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