Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – Covered Bridges

Covered bridges were a regular sight in Indiana since the 19th century. Many still remain and a few are still in service! The change from the typical bright red wooden bridge to the bridges of today is a decline stylistically but, I suppose, an improvement in strength and capacity. It is still a shame to lose the looks and sounds of the old covered bridges!

(Click on any picture to open either gallery!)

The Mecca Covered Bridge opened in 1873 (you can see the replacement bridge at its side):

For more on the history of the Mecca Bridge and other Parke County covered bridges, see my Covered Bridge Festival post! That post also includes facts about the Bridgeton Bridge – the feature picture.

The Medora Covered Bridge, open in 1875, is the longest original covered bridge in the United States:

I have a separate post with more pictures and some historical data on the Medora Covered Bridge!

See more ‘changes’ at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Change!


  1. Covered bridges are so nostalgic! I’ve seen a few where I live in NJ, but there aren’t too many. Fun fact– so many bridges/farms are painted red because a lot of farmers added an ingredient to the paint that would seal the wood… as a result, it turned red! Then it became the fashionable color. 🙂

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