Sylvain Landry’s Challenge: Week 12 Animal – Painted Turtle

The painted turtle is probably the most common turtle around where I live. Generally one finds painted turtles in small, isolated ponds. They do not hang around for many pictures. Once this painted turtle heard us coming, he headed for the other side of the pond! We stood on the observation platform across the pond in the lower right picture while getting these captures.

(Click on any picture to open the gallery and zoom-in on the details!)

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  1. This looks a lovely pond, so clear and so many different shades of green, both in the water and the trees. Nothing like this in England except a few Red-necked Terrapins, which little kids bought because of the craze for Ninja Turtles. Once they started growing too big, parents slipped them into local ponds, where some survived for ten or fifteen years beyond the Ninja Turtles heyday. I saw one once which was about 15 inches across.


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