Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Taste

Starting off with the featured image – we have ‘turkeys’, especially for Thanksgiving and other Fall events, these contain Oreo cookies, peanut butter cups, malted milk balls and candy corn; all of this gets glued together with various colors of icing. The tastiness/healthiness of this particular dessert is very similar to fair food! Step through the gallery for other tasty delights! (The captions will tell the story.)

(Click on any picture to open the gallery and a better look at the goodies!)

See more ‘tasty delights’ at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Taste!


  1. I can barely take my eyes off the first photo. Such a delectable dessert and I’m sure if it was all for one person, it would take a while to finish. We humans aren’t meant to consume that much sugar but…sugary sweet stuff tastes really good 🙂 Never had an elephant ear in my life. It probably is American fair food. Wouldn’t mind trying it myself someday 🙂


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