Dinner at the Diner

Ethan and Cara asked us to join them at the Oasis Diner on Saturday night. The Diner originally stood on the east side of town on US 40. The diner opened in 1954 and remained in business until 2008 when the owner’s health declined and he could no longer support the operation. Having been placed on Indiana’s 10 Most Endangered Buildings list prompted the Town of Plainfield to look into options to save the building. Six years later, the Diner relocated to the west end of Plainfield, still on US 40, opening with a freshly restored interior and exterior.

(Click on a picture to open the galleries and zoom-in on the details!)

The signature meal was and remains the Tenderloin Sandwich, typically with french fries and a pickle. They always were good sandwiches at the old place and, we can vouch, they are still good at the new site. You can dine inside or outside; if you choose inside, there are tables and the authentic counter with diner stools. We had a rare break in the heat pattern and chose to eat outside. In any case, I highly recommend1 this restaurant for anyone passing through Plainfield – the Oasis Diner!

After we ate, we all wandered to the Pedestrian Bridge located next to the Diner. The bridge spans White Lick Creek joining the town center with the parks trails and a large recreational complex.

  1. This constitutes a totally independent and non-compensated endorsement of this establishment. 


  1. Some beautiful photographs of a super diner. I’m glad it has been restored as it is certainly part of the history of the town. We don’t have “fried pickles ” over here, and after ten minutes thinking time, I’m still not too sure about it!

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  2. I’ve often said I was sorry to see our diners disappear. We have a place here called Ellie’s Diner, but it just a regular restaurant with a 50’s theme. Real diners had such good down-home meals!

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    1. We were all very happy when we learned the new Diner retained everything from the original. I have heard there are only three original diners left along the entire National Road system. I am still trying to find out where the other two are located – it sounds like a field trip in the making!

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