Vegetable Stand

One of the sure signs of late Summer and Fall in Indiana is the road-side vegetable stand. We stopped at this very brightly colored stand on a Saturday return trip from one of my photography field expeditions. When we arrived, only tomatoes were available and we piled up a few to take with us. Just a few minutes later, the proprietor came by and dropped off green beans, then told us fresh sweet corn would be available shortly.

As far back as I can remember, my parents and, now, Charlotte and I have stopped at these stands to get all kinds of fresh vegetables. Nothing beats the taste of fresh vegetables – eating them raw, slicing them and putting them on sandwiches or grilling them, cooking them up into soup – it is all great!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery and zoom-in on the fresh tomatoes!)

This stand, just like about half or more that we see, was an honor-stand – you weigh your own take, put your money in the box, and go! This system must work well, because we never hear of any issues with thefts at roadside stands. I suppose that it does happen occasionally, but apparently not so much that it discourages people from selecting that method.


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